Claudia Barth

eu - você (Mannheim)
performance, 45 Min. 3 channel video installation, props
22 to 23 Nov 2019 at EinTanzhaus, Mannheim
Claudia & Isabelle Barth (concept, performance)
Evandro Pedroni (choreography, performance)
Flavio Schönholzer (music)
Damian Chmielarz (light)
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For the performance EU-VOCÊ (me- you) Claudia and Isabelle Barth dedicate themselves to exploring emigration based on the history of their grandmother and their own research journey about it. They focused on the changes, that a migrating body undergoes. The sisters examined the fear, the possible disorientation that movement (or change) can produce and they also celebrate the beauty that comes when vulnerability is shared and new relationships open up as a result. Relationships with the “other,” the (still) unknown, which inevitably raise the question of (idiosyncratic) kinship, family and to whom we feel responsible. 

The three channel video installation WHERE SHE SPEAKS I SMELL is part of the performance.