Claudia Barth

eu - você (São Paulo)
performance, 3 channel video installation, 35min.
19 to 22 Sep 2019 at soy loco por ti juquery, São Paulo
Claudia & Isabelle Barth (concept)
Evandro Pedroni (choreography)
Claudia & Isabelle Barth (performance)
Eneida Sanches ( hand-dress)
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Together with the choreographer and dancer Evandro Pedroni Claudia & Isabelle Barth started the creation of the performance EU-VOCÊ (me - you) and had the first showing of it at the festival Soy loco por ti Juquery, on the ground of the psychiatry Juquery, where they initially thought their grandmother was interned. The video works MY GRANDMOTHER SPOKE: and WHERE SHE SPEAKS I SMELL were also premierd at the festival.