Claudia Barth

Blood, Tears & Milk
25 to 30 Sep 2017 at Galerija Flu, Beograd
Related works
Everytime you (2021)

For the exhibition BLOOD, TEARS & MILK in the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Belgrade, the artist creates a sacral-like space through silhouettes similar to church windows. Inspired by the powerful, but also violent story of her grandmother, the three "windows" symbolically tell stories and experiences of women, beyond the individual fate. 

In Claudia Barth's works, narrative is an important component. She understands storytelling and the act of remembering as a possibility to analyze processes in which we construct our self and thus to recognize and break through common and recurring (power-) structures.

As indicated in the paper cut EVERYTIME YOU (2021), the act of consititute one self through storytelling comes along with forgetting and /or neglecting other aspects of one self. And maybe exactly those gaps are where unexploited opportunities would lie.